They Say the Most Important Thing

They say the most important thing
Is to forgive
But they do not say
How to do that.
You think they are
Three simple words
I forgive you.
Four syllables, one long
Three short.
Yet how do these words work?
If you mean them,
You are done.
If you do not,
How do you come to it?
You can repeat a thousand times
I forgive you
Yet get no further through the words
I forgive you.
They are simple words,
Clear in meaning.
I, the one self,
You, the other self,
Forgive, there’s the rub.
How do I forgive,
What is it,
Where does it go,
How do I forgive you?
I know I cannot hate,
That I must love,
And in loving
I forgive you.
Maybe it is seventy times seven
Because before then
You know not what you say;
Only once you proclaim
I forgive you
Until it loses all meaning
Can you finally say and mean
I forgive you.
How many times must I say
I forgive you
Until I am firm in saying it?
Every time I say
I forgive you
I hope I mean it;
But how can you know,
How can you be sure that
I forgive you?
Go with God and
Go with love;
Maybe soon I will know that
I forgive you?

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