Leaving Room

Love is patient.
But what is that?
Is it patient before,
Or only in the fullest flower?
For if before, I must learn
Before I can find what I seek.
To love I am to be patient,
And then to be in love
I shall be in patience.
I hope to love you
But I must wait;
If I rush I am impatient
And am out of love.
You are so distant,
Miles and years between
Yet so close in my hopes,
Inches between us in my heart.
Not inches, but seconds,
The gap between the exhale
And air rushing in.
There is room enough
For the Holy Spirit,
No one else.
How can I wait for years and miles
To collapse into the thin point
Infinitely distant and always present?
Each inhale is pain,
I do not have your exhale.
We are swarmed by breaths.
But, though you lie beyond my eye
There is still room enough
For the Holy Spirit,
And no one else.

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2 Responses to Leaving Room

  1. Kayla Sisk says:

    your poetry breaks my heart.

    Kayla Sisk

    “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks”

    ~Mathew 12:34~


  2. Bird says:

    This one is cute.

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