Ars Poetica

It’s not so hard,
just vomit your feelings upon the page.

Perhaps that’s not quite right.
Lay out carefully the stirrings of your heart,
bare and shivering in the cold gaze of strangers.

Hm, not much better.
Free your mind and splay
across unsullied paper
every urge and imagination
until it drips with confusion.
Declare clearly and be bold,
make known the reaches
your soul without foundation.

Or again:
find the symbols that light your path,
that show others the way you’ve found –
except when you haven’t found it yet.

Maybe there is no ars
and only poetica,
however you see fit to reveal
to the page what cannot be spoken
in words which cannot die.
For every poet is everyman.

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One Response to Ars Poetica

  1. Kayla Sisk says:

    This is really good, Justin.

    Kayla Sisk

    “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks”

    ~Mathew 12:34~


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