The Heat

Wrapped in a blanket
next to the stove on the warmest
day of the year.
Run a mile too, to be sure.
We are warm blooded
and seek to heat,
why do another?
The body sweats and
chars and fades to black
and still we throw another blanket
onto the pyre.

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2 Responses to The Heat

  1. Jessica Burgard says:

    I believe this has deep meaning, but after camping in the below-freezing, windy cold last night, I support stoves and blankets and fires. But . . . perhaps that’s the deeper meaning. It’s because we’re so frozen and broken that we seek these things in cloying abundance.
    Or maybe there’s no deeper meaning and it’s just my cold toes speaking.

    • The key to responding to your interpretation would be “on the warmest/ day of the year.”

      It’s less about us being frozen and more about us being broken and so thinking we are collecting good things (comforting warmth) when we are actually destroying ourselves and being all the more willing to chase this destruction.

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