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Sycamore Trees

Zacchaues, come down, for the tree is rotten, it cannot hold your weight; It belongs to someone else and is not yours to climb; You shall be made sick, pesticides are still on the leaves; Those clouds look like lightning, … Continue reading

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The Rejection of Unbeing

It leaps out, like that one tree in the scrublands, and as easily dismissed. The struggle to grow amidst buffeting winds, beneath blistering sun, above selfish earth, means nothing to the man rushing by in his metal box, listening to … Continue reading

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What are these fires we’ve lit, these tickling little flames that find out our secrets and know about our names? We’ve set them up before us, we’ve made them all our own. We ask them too few questions and fade … Continue reading

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The Heat

Wrapped in a blanket next to the stove on the warmest day of the year. Run a mile too, to be sure. We are warm blooded and seek to heat, why do another? The body sweats and chars and fades … Continue reading

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