The Sickness and the Madness

“You have the plague,” they said,
“But do not worry,
so does the whole damn world.
It will start with disturbance in the stomach,
after will come heat in the face,
Then the madness.”
They stopped here to check a chart.
And then a pamphlet:
“Perfectly Abnormal Cardiopassional Health.”
“The Madness will drive everything
else from your mind.
It will consume all you once held dear,
But do not worry,
that is how it’s supposed to be.
It will start with your liesure, than your friends.
Soon the world and its worth will be lost
and won’t that just be easy?
Do not fight, you cannot win.
It is the most powerful force in all the universe
and cares not a wit for your will.
It is the only death worth dying.”
And they sent me away,
the trap
snapping shut
as I stepped out.

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