Goodnight Sweet Prince

For KR, JP, MP, AP

Such a strange place, knowing but not knowing;
You I know and he you know; he I know not.
Yet him do I know through you; voice, sorrow,
Stories, memories, and I have lost as well.
There is a wall I cannot pass, a man I cannot know,
For the veil is closed. What we have never learned
we cannot now know ere the trumpet sound
when all shall be laid bare and we become
who we are, as he has already done.
In you I see that passage, moving, moving
Past, present, future, always and always,
That those about us formed are hence unformed
And all our yesterdays are gathered once
And then the judgement. Therein the life, but
Not yet. The mystery is closed, that one
Has passed and we who do remain see not
Nor pass on that which we have seen for we
Cannot. The tears are not formed, do not drop,
But my heart begins to break and all is hope,
And hope alone shall not disappoint for
Despite it all and all the closed stories
We continue, we live, we love, we endure.

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