We hear words, plans, futures
but cannot see the field through
the smoke and ash and dust.
We cannot imagine the pieces
nor even that there are pieces.


But words, plans, futures
are planted deep, dwelling within
not by our strength, will, or mind.
Light shines within and does not
scatter the darkness but is still


Words, plans, futures still come
and we are overwhelmed, overshadowed
but fall not nor implode, explode.
We are so little the fire
fills but does not consume.


Unseen words, plans, futures
complicate everything seen and known
and cloud our perfect certainty (we pretend to have).
Yet by further breaths we endure
and more than endure; truly live,
thrive, and move.


Other words, plans, futures find
their way into all the world
and the world is loved for it.
Still we do not see, know, understand
but it is enough,
and more than enough.


Daily words, plans, futures, rush out
to meet that which rushes not,
still place and thin place,
justice looks down from heaven
and faithfulness springs up from earth.
And all is well,
for love is well,
and love is over all.

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