Cor ad Cor

You are my school of beauty,
Of dance unsung and song undanced;
The pale mirror of other time
And distant place wherein love
And nothing more reside.
You see deeper than I
With a more adroit certainty,
Gazing twixt the cloths
Under the dusty shades
To unobscured magnitude
Rushing and standing still.
No complexity underlies
The words and their beauty;
No mysticism but that eternal mysticism
Which is no more mystical
Than the breath that animates
And the sharp bite of
Toes stubbed on the foot of the bed.
The world is twinkling beyond your eyes
With a secret smile that does not rest
Yet always is quiet and always
Always sees just a little more.
So I study here and hope to gain
Love and beauty and all smaller things
That dance just beyond my sight.

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