A Hard Love

I wish to walk with you in little steps,
bare movements, yet still driven,
inflamed by will and want
to brave fading ease and
the tiny, limitless windows of our eyes.
I cannot imagine what will come
and how it shall go,
but it shall not – cannot – stop us,
for little treads broker no halt,
no moment to allow the world
its chance to lie and howl.
We toe no line of expected love
and dance not to rolling rhythm,
true love’s true lie, impossible
pursuit of fleeting feeling,
no greater than its little death.
But you and I shall walk
– not simply walk but rise and dance –
with eyes on love well loved,
that steady rhythm beauty raised
to dwell in pointed hearts
where little death births little life.
Sturdy steps strike sturdy soul and
sparks gather to blaze a love
that worldly wisdom can never dim
that shines beyond our ends
and lights the roads that those we send
shall travel long even when we,
you and I, have moved beyond.

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