Seek and You Shall Find

To those whose love
exploded onto the scene,
how long burned those flames,
how deep the passion scarred?
The hotter the flame
the faster its death;
the fuel is ended
even before it runs out.
Such love draws not deep
with ease, but skims
and finds abundance quick;
the folded heart embraced
yet unopened, still secret,
not yet a mystery.
Love demands an opening
and sky-seared passion
leaves few roads; it does
not always slay that which it
creates but few outlast its
blows. The struggle endures;
that toughly won is won indeed
and the heart that fights to love
has learned to love the more.
Battle for love, fight to hold,
feed the flames even when cold
or dead or yet unlit;
strive to endure and to last,
to gain that which shall outlast
the fading shine and fervor
and you shall receive.

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