Birthday Wishes:

To know.
To discover.
To find an answer.
To find the question.
To hear the rains of autumn.
To imagine and then
To experience.
To see your smile certain.
To find more mercy.
To live more mercy.
To trust you.
To let it collapse.
To hand it over.
To trust myself.
To give it up.
To watch it rise.
To trust him.
To stand upon another’s strength.
To be wrong.
To make mistakes but
To not harm another.
To see you run again.
To find a little way.
To discover my smallness and
To be not afraid.
To hope for all the hopeless.
To build the tiniest faith.
To open my heart and
To let love be untethered.
To learn freedom.
To see you live one day.
To reach out and
To touch love.
To surrender.
To daily die.
To master the possible and
To give him the impossible.
To see your heart beat freely.
To blink and
To not miss it.
To turn the page.
To fear not.
To burn and
To not be consumed either by fire or fire.
To read not for myself.
To watch the pages drift away.
To hand over my heart and
To let grand love march forth.
To see not simply wounds but
To see in you image and likeness.
To let go.
To go on.
To not capitulate without a fight and
To fight
To see you as one ought.
To live and
To be found out.
To err on the side of mercy and
To overstep on the edge of love.
To search the vineyards and fields so as
To find the place you are and
To see you there.
To grow.
To shrink.
To become.
To understand.

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