Left or right, one or two?
Fries or a salad? Burger or meatloaf?
Only in the decision,
when the waveform collapses
and the spin is up –
then is man.
The lazy heart does not know,
not which of the two,
nor what it is to be
not simply man but human.
The tension deep within the heart
is not the harm but the support,
the strength of the beam
that holds up the life living.
To let it waver, weaken by not,
solves not the tension but lets it bleed
until it falls upon a choice
and crushes beneath it will.
Bestial is such a man,
unchoosing and unliving
fallen beneath himself.
To turn and turn again,
vibrating twixt the ends,
wears and draws and snaps
with no decision and no life.
The uncertain man
is the dead man, the unman.
Look, learn, act.
And man again shall be man
and he shall truly build
the worthy house.

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