Who are you?

Who are you, my poem and my song,
who are you, the breath I’ve held too long?
I look in the distance, you to see,
while still afar off I run to be
with you, my beauty, one day my bride.
We shall walk together, side by side
on those far soft shores, by distant streams;
we shall walk in the long quiet dreams.
Who are you, my twilight and my shade,
who are you, my love I will not trade?
A thousand eyes pass before my face;
I seek yours for the end of this race,
your hand to hold through any coming storm,
our hearts a place for both to be warm,
you in mine and me in yours, dwelling
in the shining future up-welling.
Who are you, my neighbor and my friend,
who are you, to whom my heart I send?
I have felt the breath of your goodbye
before ever have I seen your eye;
your touch lingers soft upon my palm,
the sweetest perfume and softest balm.
A thousand hours I wait for your breath,
touch of love, stronger even than death.
Who are you, my garden and my rose,
who are you, for whom my longing grows?

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