Welcome and Welcome

For sometime I have desired to start a blog but various obstacles stood in my way (really only one: I was concerned about getting behind on positing.  I am frustrated to no end by interesting blogs which stop posting, particularly without warning).  Lately however, several elements have conspired to get this project of the ground.  And so was born “A Gentleman Theologian”.

The first thing you, dear reader, ought to know: I am not intending to comment or speak on current events.  Politicians will be all but unmentioned, fights among special interest groups will be invisible, and the latest headline will be no more than a sideline.  Why?  I’m glad you asked.  I hope my material will be accessible and useful three, six, twelve months on and longer.  My posts may derive from current events or be made in response to them, but I will not limit them to such terms.

As far as subject matter is concerned, nothing is off limits so long as it is worthy of interest.  Most fundamentally, however, I will be writing on theology, philosophy, linguistics, writing, personalism, literary criticism, poetry, and sociology.  My aim is that all of these fields shall be accessible to the non-professional (particularly as I myself am at best one only in two of those fields); to that end some of my posts will be aimed at defining terms as I use them.  I hope to keep these to a severe minimum, as no one wants to be jumping pages trying to figure out what the heck a given post is talking about (I’m looking at you, every Wikipedia article about particle physics ever).

For your benefit, I intend to keep a fairly structured posting schedule: Mondays and Fridays I will make a regular post on some subject.  On Wednesdays I will post poetry – some written by me and some by others – or the occasional prayer.

Comments are certainly welcome, but I have a distrust of them, after a fashion.  One of the greatest virtues of the internet as a communication medium is that it allows for a more thorough dialogue.  If I encounter something I disagree with, I can spend a few minutes formulating my response, then post it for others to see.  If I do so in my own blog, I create an ongoing dialogue external to the original post; if I limit myself to comments, the dialogue, while present, is stilted, restricted to the audience of the original post – and only those who bother to read comments.  There is also a natural response to downgrade comments to being ‘less’ than the their host, even if they are better written and more logically argued.

Yes, comments have their place.  Minor issues or certain responses do not need a whole blog post; further, many people do not have blogs.  But the comments are not to be a place for you, dear reader, to host your blog on my blog.  Overly long or off topic comments may well be removed.  In addition, any comments which are offensive, full of swearing, or contain ad hominem arguments run the very real risk of deletion.

Over all, I hope this blog is simply interesting.  My desire is that in coming to “A Gentleman Theologian” you’ll find something worth reading, something worth talking about, something worth sharing, and that your time here is well spent.

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